Circles #4 A day of performances, workshops, magazine release and singalong karaoke

Sunday the 3rd of december 2017

12.00 – 14.00 Choreographed reading circle with Chloe Chignell

14.30 – 16.30 Choreographed reading circle with Anna Bontha

16.45 – 17.00 Presentation and release for the magazine THIS CONTAINER and its collaboration with thecarrierbag festival

17.00 – 17.50  ”SHANE ET AL.” (Pilot) By and with Ellen Söderhult, Anna Haglund, Oda Brekke, Eliisa Erävalo, Lisa Schåman, Lisen Pousette, Cathryn Humpreys and Corinne Mustonen.

18.20 – 18.50 ”one for all, all for one”, by and with Emilia Gasoirek and Sandra Liaklev Andersen

 19.00 – 19.30 ”I Don’t Have a Title Anymore 2.0 Köttis edition” by and with Vanessa Virta

19.30 – 20.30 Singalong karaoke

Free admission, no booking required. In the breaks coffee, tea and snacks will be served in the foyer. Welcome!


Circles #4 – a day of performances, workshops, magazine release and singalong karaoke

We are immensely proud to welcome you all to this mini festival at Köttinspektionen, focussing on voice, language, dance and text. The program starts with open workshops investigating the relationship between reading and choreography, the last workshops this year in our series of “Choreographed Reading Circles”. Everyone is welcome to join, and no preparation is needed. The rest of this fabulous day has been curated by Ellen Söderhult, who has invited a number of artists and choreographers, presenting three performances, a release for the latest edition of the magazine THIS CONTAINER and ending the evening with singalong karaoke!


12.00 – 14.00 Choreographed reading circle with Chloe Chignell.

“Listening to the underside: poems that leak” is a listening and writing format; it takes three poems to which we listen in two ways; first for a question, second for an answer. We use this discursive structure to listen together, writing across and between each other, using the poem as our discourse. We can entangle our own understandings, through the poems we open a landscape of words, with each question a new hole and each answer a new surface. The workshop is in English. Read more about the workshop here


14.30 – 16.30 Choreographed reading circle with Anna Bontha.

We do a reading, abundantly allowing, but also exceedingly strictly systematic, of a text (the proposal is a text inspired by ballet, but really any text). Like every system put into practice, this system allows for spaces to move around (literally and metaphorically), space for interpretation, space to: create slippages, hesitations, or if you want to: enhance and clarify. During the reading circle we make use of an arbitrary coding of the signs, in order to generate a kind of ”instant choreography”. Anyone is welcome to take part physically, or to join the reading (one word or many, loud, murmuring, fast, slow and everything in between, with emphasis or without, with feeling or without). You are also welcome to just sit and watch and listen.


16.45 – 17.00

Presentation and release for the magazine THIS CONTAINER and its collaboration with thecarrierbag festival. During the day a new editions of THIS CONTAINER will be released, and earlier editions presented and made available. For the freshest zine, Emilia Gasiorek and Sandra Liaklev Andersson will be guest editors and collaborate with the editors in chief of THIS CONTAINER: Chloe Chignell, Ellen Söderhult and Maia Means.

Read more about THIS CONTAINER release at Köttis here.



17.00 – 17.50 

SHANE ET AL.” (Pilot) By and with Ellen Söderhult, Oda Brekke, Eliisa Erävalo, Lisa Schåman, Lisen Pousette, Cathryn Humpreys and Corinne Mustonen.

Choreography: Ellen Söderhult. Scenography: Tove Dreiman.

The choir has a history of backing up a soloist or protagonist, but to sing in a choir can also be to temporary submit to becoming a part of a collective protagonist. Choir singing and choir dancing can even work as a camouflaging of the individual self, easing the burden to perform, improve, sell, and fulfill one’s self or normalized ideas about such a self. Shane et al. explores the choir as hero and the hero as the one who proposes or shows a different reality in which different relationships, behaviors and narratives thrive. Wit the choir as a temporary singing and dancing group – a body of many voices as one – polyphonic dancing and choreographic singing will be explored, studied and activated. Instead of the etymological meaning of choreography, to “write the choir” (choreo – choir: in the Antique sense of the word a singing- and dancing group) the project wants to investigate the (made up) “choreo-study”: to study through practicing ensemble dancing and choir singing, to read dances or movement materials or songs “sound material” as a choir. Study is proposed as a form of togethering, and knowledge production as a collective activity based in practice. Dancing and singing is explored as “group-body expressions”. Supported by Statens Kulturråd.



18.20 – 18.50

”one for all, all for one” By and with Emilia Gasiorek and Sandra Liaklev Andersen

‘one for all, all for one’ is a work that deals with ways of co-existing, togethering and relating to our surroundings and each other. It is a feminist investigation into ways of acquiring knowledge without creating hierarchies and ways of sharing power across (a)symmetrical structures. We work with leading together, practices that you cannot do alone and symmetry in and between bodies, as well as in the decision making. We consider (a)symmetry as matters of perception and perspective, where two sides affirm each other and relate to a constructed core. We wish to present softness according to less binary understandings of active and passive. We believe in softness as a sustainable and strong force and explore this through texture, level of sound and level of virtuosity.


19.00 – 19.30 ”I Don’t Have a Title Anymore 2.0 Köttis edition”  by and with Vanessa Virta

”I Don’t Have a Title Anymore 2.0 Köttis edition”  is a performance based on Vanessa Virta´s BA research on rap music within an art environment. The performance is situated in an institutional context in the privileged Western world and deals with frustrations accumulated this context. Köttis 2.0 edition is a further worked version of the performance, informed by Virta´s experience of dying and coming back to life after a heart failure.


19.30 – 20.30  Singalong karaoke. Snacks and drinks will be served in the Singalong karaoke hour



CHLOE CHIGNELL is a choreographer. She also dances and writes. For Chloe choreography proposes a way of organising material and actions, she works with the body and through text, the spoken and visual. Speculation and imagination underpin her methods of inquiry and production. Chloe is currently studying in the research program at P.A.R.T.S under the direction of Bojana Cvejic. In 2016 she co-founded This Container Magazine in Stockholm and remains co-editor alongside Ellen Söderhult and Maia Means. In summer 2017 she facilitated a workshop at PAF Summer University with Ann-Christin Berg Kongness ‘Moving into Writing’.

ANNA BONTHA works with dance, choreography and performance, often in cross-disciplinary works, on her own and in groups. Anna studied dance pedagogy at DOCH, Stockholm, and writing at Nordens Folkhögskola, Biskops Arnö. Her artistic work strives to continuously renegotiate how form can be transformed in the performative act. Art then, is an event, a party, an access to the unformed, a process. The artistic production sometimes situates itself in the intersection between art and pedagogy; or rather perhaps, art is considered a form of knowledge.

EMILIA GASIOREK is a dancer and choreographer based in Copenhagen, but has worked in London for various choreographers and visual artists. She has worked with Yvonne Rainer, Eva Recacha and Pablo Bronstein. She is currently exploring feminist notions of being in relation to dance, and has recently co-curated ‘thecarrierbag festival’, an international festival held at Dansehallerne and DANSEatelier.

SANDRA LIAKLEV ANDERSEN is a Norwegian dancer and choreographer also based in Copenhagen. She has worked with choreographers such as Camilla Stage, Julie Schmidt Andreassen and RISK. She is currently exploring different ways of relating to the internet through a feminist perspective. They are both co-founders of DANSEatelier, an artistic collective focusing on creating continuity and shared authorship in the exploration of dance and choreographical practices. It is a physical space in Valby and a collective of eleven dancers, choreographers and friends.

Biographies ”SHANE ET AL.” (Pilot):

ELLEN SÖDERHULT. I work as a dancer, choreographer and writer within contemporary dance, most often in different collaborations. Contemporary dance for me is dance that is not only formed and informed by historical power structures, habit, pre-existing opinions and expectations about dance but something that is continually reinvented and reassesed, takes on new forms and means of expression from a sense of urgency and a wish to influence, change and touch.

TOVE DREIMAN, artist and set designer, explores abstractions of spaces and has done work for Marabouparkens Konsthall, Stina Nyberg (MDT) and Trädgården.

ANNA HAGLUND is a sound designer and composer who first and foremost is active within stage art. She graduated from the Stockholm school of Dramatic Arts 2013 and is based in Stockholm. Beside comissions from stages such as Dramaten, Teater Galeasen, Radioteatern, Riksteatern and Malmö Stadsteater she works as a musician, and has written music for film, exhibitions and performances. She also works with her own project and is since 2011 a member of the stage art collective Klockrovdjuret.

ELIISA ERÄVALO works as a performer and choreographer with a base in Stockholm. She has studied dance and choreography at DOCH in Sweden and in Teak in Helsinki. Eliisa has been working in several collaborations as well as alone, performing solo work in different international venues. She is interested in the notion of support structures and always relates work to it in her different working roles. As a dancer she has worked with, among others, Gui Garrido, Freddie Opoku-Addaie, Dorte Olesen, Sidney Leoni and Rebecka Stillman. Many of the works Eliisa has done, like Prophetic Dances and The Collection, are studying intuition, mourning and the presence of questions. The work Eliisa has lately been doing develops of different concept couples as outside-inside, technology-nature, matter-spirit and winner-loser.

ODA BREKKE is a dancer and performer based in Stockholm. She has a BA in Dance Performance from DOCH, Stockholm University of the Arts. Her main concern is to speculate in and around the experience and knowledge emerging in her ongoing dance practice. Oda is currently performing in Ellen Söderhult’s piece How to do things with romance. She is collaborating with Maia Means on the piece On top of things. Oda is also a board member in the newly founded organization INSISTER SPACE, which aims to create a collective working context for performers. Her own work includes WHEREABOUTS (DOCH, 2017) A semisynthetic dance (collaboration with Frederike Doffin, HZT, 2016) and A period of (UNIARTS, 2015).

LISA SCHÅMAN is based in Stockholm, Lisa Schåman is working within the contemporary art scene. She did her studies and training at Stockholm University of the Arts, graduating with a Bachelor degree of Fine Arts in Dance Performance 2015. She is mainly working with and performing in other’s works, e.g. in Mirko Guido’s Entities -theater of gestures- (2016), or in works in collaboration. Connected to her birth place, the Åland Islands, she participates in the sharing and spreading of art to smaller cities; coordinating the showings of Ellen Söderhult’s pieces How to Do Things with Romance: a prologue (2016) and RUDY (2015) in Åland 2017, and creating and performing the duett BFF (2017) at the Emmaus’ Festival during the Culture Night in Mariehamn. Her interests within dance starts with how dancing and performative practices forms and informs the human body, as well as the political and philosophical takes on dance, as an autonomous body: its movements and its concepts within the field of art and in modern history.

LISEN POUSETTE. Louise Lisen Pousette is born in Stockholm, studied dance in Copenhagen and received her BA at ArtEZ Hogeschool voor de kunsten’s dancer/maker programme in Arnhem. In 2015-16 she was part of the Netherlands-based collective Baby Skin, addressing an interest for structures and organizations of work within collective authorship. She has also worked and performed together with Liza Baliasnaja and India Salvör Menuez and was most recently in a process with Olivia Riviere at Danseatelier in Copenhagen, utilizing the vocal chords as a potential source for darkness.

CATHRYN HUMPHREYS is a Dance Performer based in Stockholm, Sweden. Newly graduated from the BA program in Dance Performance at UNIARTS (Stockholm University of The Arts). Humphreys enjoys working with/ in cross disciplinary art forms to challenge and highlight the different perspectives on art and artistic relations. Her main interest lies in the simplicity of performing art; the act of performing, the value and the purpose of the movement. With the political and the physical body, she moves for the joy, the beauty, the ugly, the chairing, the caring and for the sake of it. She deals and works with dance with the movement/ the moving body as the main purpose and point of entry.  Humphreys has during the previous year used vocal practices as a way to enter movement and is currently working on ways to intertwine the two art forms. She has worked with choreographers such as Miguel Gutierrez, Isabelle Schad, Benoit Lachambre, Therese Carlsson, Rennie Mirro.

CORINNE MUSTONEN is a finnish dancer who is currently enrolled in a BA in Dance Performance in DOCH, Sweden. She has worked with Katja-Maria Taavitsainen, Leo Kirjonen, Emmi Venna among others. She has previous training in contemporary dance, yoga, pilates, ballet, and performance studies. In her work Corinne pays attention towards different agencies that exist within a performance space. She is engaged in movement and atmospheres that allow associations and propositions that contrast normative, chronological narratives to appear. Corinne submits to practices in order to move, do and bend from within rather than pointing at or opposing issues.

VANESSA VIRTA is a performer and choreographer based between Stockholm and Helsinki. Since 2017, she holds a BA in Dance Performance from DOCH, Stockholm University of the Arts. Virta works with intensive expressions and emotions as material for choreographic work that is fuelled by the problems in her environment and is carried through frustration which she encourages the audience to live through rather than hide from.