Köttinspektionen dance


Köttinspektionen Dans is led by a wish to facilitate processes and relations that contribute to artistic development and spontaneity. There is a lack of platforms and support for artistic research and processes without a finished/fixated product as an outcome. We want Köttinspektionen, as a space, to allow artistic practices to meet, develop and get challenged and therefore mainly invite artists with a process based practice, and works that can develop on site.


Köttinspektionen offers hearing loop, contact us before your visit. The premises are largely accessible for wheelchair and permobile use, as they are located on the ground floor. Unfortunately the space is lacking accessible toilets. We are working on getting permission to build one.

All of the programme is free of charge. Welcome!

Köttinspektionen Dans is a performance venue and place for experimental dance and choreography in Uppsala, led by choreographers Tove Salmgren and Kajsa Wadhia. Köttinspektionen is an artist-run cultural centre located near the centre of Uppsala, and co-directed with the art collective HAKA and the theatre group Uppsalas fria teater.

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Kajsa Wadhia works as an artist and curator in the fields of performance, text and choreography and holds an MA in New Performative Practices from DOCH, Stockholm University of the Arts, 2015. Together with Maria Stiernborg she forms the performance duo ”The Disengaged Free Jazz Orchestra” developing an experimental artistic practice dealing with neoliberal capitalism, precarious working conditions and the artist as worker. Between 2007-2014, she worked with, and co-directed the performing arts collective Arena Baubo. Since 2016 she co-directs Köttinspektionen Dans with Tove Salmgren, an artist run platform for experimental dance and performance practices.

Tove Salmgren works as a dancer, choreographer, curator and educator. She has an MA in choreography from Stockholm University of the Arts, and since 2016 she has led, together with the artist Kajsa Wadhia, Köttinspektionen Dans, an artist-driven platform and place for experimental dance and choreography in Uppsala. Tove has worked as an independent dancer and collaborator in a variety of choreographic works nationally and internationally, and she is currently employed as an Assistant Professor in Choreography with a focus on performative practice at SKH, Stockholm. As a choreographer, she explores displaced perspectives and reality, often through small and relatively simple means, based on an interest in negotiating how art (and non-art) can constitute a performative interpersonal arena for freedom and transformation. Since 2018, Tove is forming a feminist performance trio with the artists Kajsa Wadhia and Moa Franzén, in works exploring how body and voice are connected as co-creators of each other’s becoming and liberation, approaching the materiality of the sounding body in different ways at the intersection between vocality, breathing and choreography. www.tovesalmgren.se