JUCK Residency

Wednesday 10th of October, 15.00-15.30

Open rehearsal



The performance group JUCK have residency in October 2018, and work with their next projekt “Lilith”.

10th of October there will be an open rehearsal, when the group work with the choreographer Eliisa Erävalo.


About JUCK

JUCK is a separate, live practice. With a physical external and inner approach to society’s social power structures.

JUCK challenges the traditional conventions of the stage and the relationship between performer and audience. The center of exploration is the idea of femininity and gender.

JUCK works based on contemporary social debates about gender, sexuality, femininity, ethnicity and norm creativity in an interactive artistic format. With their roots within urban dance, they explore performance and move freely between different influences.

JUCK is Tarika Wahlberg, Feyona Naluzzi, Shirley Harthey Ubilla, Cajsa Godée, Madeleine Ngoma and Emelie Enlund.