Revolve Performance Art Days

Saturday 19th of May 2018

20.30 – 21.15  The woman who lit the world, by and with Stina Nyberg

21.45 – 22.30 Alternating Currents, by and with Maria W Horn, Stina Nyberg and a frequency-controllable Tesla coil.

Free admission, but booking is recommended. Email us your name and the number of tickets you want to reserve:


The third edition of Revolve Performance Art Days will take place in May  17 – 19, a collaboration between Köttinspektionen Dans, Uppsala konstmuseum, Uppsala Konsert & Kongress, Uppsala stadsteater and Gustaf Broms in collaboration with Royal College of Art, London. Read about the whole programme (also in English closer to the event) : Revolve 2018


The woman who lit the world

For a long time, Stina Nyberg have been walking in the footsteps of the electric engineer Nikola Tesla; gathering stories, technologies and myths about the vibrant history of the wireless. Step by step, she realizeses how the story of the genius turns into a story about herself. This is her choreographed story about the life as a genius.


Alternating Currents

Alternating Currents is an intermedial electricity concert choreographed and performed by Maria W Horn, Stina Nyberg and a frequency-controllable Tesla coil. The concert is one part of a long-term obsession with Nikola Tesla and the early 1900’s phenomena of touring electricity shows. There is a lack of public fascination with electricity, but XXX are here to cure that.


Stina Nyberg lives in Sweden where she makes and performs choreography. Her practice is related to the possibility to through conviction and illusion create new systems of logic in order to construct the world differently, and to act accordingly. Her departure point is always a feminist approach to the body; its social and political construction and ability to move. Often working in collaboration with others – moving in between independent productions, collectives, state institutions, art and the music scene – she creates a method specific to every situation, including how we work into what we work with. She recently premiered her new solo Thunderstruck, a performance tracing the life of Nikola Tesla, dancing with a tesla coil and investigating invisible powers.


Maria w Horn is interested in manipulation of time and space through sonic extremes, and overload/loss of perceptual stimuli. Her musical output oscillates between extended drone textures and high-density gestural music with intense strobe lights and visual material. After completing her studies in electroacoustic composition at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and Universität der Kunst in Berlin she is currently based in Stockholm. She is an integral part of New Music in Sweden through her involvement in Fylkingen, label XKatedral as well as Sthlm Drone Society, an association working to promote slow and gradually evolving timbral music.