double solo mirror #3 – Rani Nair and Sonya Lindfors

Sunday 10th of November 16.00-17.30

the double solo mirror residency #3, with Rani Nair and Sonya Lindfors

Presentation of the residency process, followed by a discussion led by Nasim Aghili

Free admission, but limited seating. Prebooking is recommended. Book tickets via e-mail  let us know your name and number of tickets.

Foto: Cecilia Höglund

the double solo mirror residency has been developed following a desire to create spaces with structured support for open ended processes without conditioning the artistic outcome. It is a curatorial concept facilitating new formats for artistic exchange and reflection in relation to choreographic solo practices. The project takes place as a series of double residencies where one invited solo artist is asked to invite another solo artist to join the residency.

The residency is centered around what ”Performative Feedback” could be, with the specific question ”How can two solo practices reflect each other through performance rather than talking, as a way to feedback?” The residency allows for an experimental atmosphere and process that brings value to the work of reflexion itself, rather than the result. The period ends with a public sharing of the process with the two artists, followed by a discussion.

This is the third occasion out of three, with the invited choreographers Rani Nair and Sonya Lindfors

Rani lives in Lund and works as a dancer and choreographer with an artistic base at Stenkrossen. She is  interested in decolonial practises and works with post colonial aesthetics.

Sonya is a Helsinki – based choreographer and artistic director that is busy with decolonial feminist practices, speculative fictions and collective dreaming.

For the 2019 double solo residencies, we have invited the choreographers Jamila Johnson-Small/Last Yearz Interesting Negro, Sonja Jokiniemi and Rani Nair.