Workshop “Meditation” with Ellinor Ljungkvist

Saturday 5th of juni, 2021

11.00-15.00 (break included)

Workshop: “Meditation” with Ellinor Ljungkvist

In English (simple language)

Number of participants in relation to covid-19 recommendations.

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Choreographer Ellinor Ljungkvist is holding a workshop at Köttinspektionen, a workshop that is part of her research project Meditation. In the workshop, participants will be exploring meditation, writing and improvisation. The workshop is aimed for both dancers and non-dancers with an interest in dance practices.

Artistic methodology and meditation, based on somatic and self-reflective practices, is the core of this research project. With inspiration from artists and philosophers such as Yoko Ono, Marina Abramovich, Virginia Woolf, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and Simone de Beauvoir the practice of developing and formulating mental journeys is the aim. The meditations include existentialistic views on ones own appearance and animalism, naturalism and sorrow.

This research project is divided into two parts. The first part is supported by Dance in Örebro Region which gave possibility to begin the process. The second part is at the Art House ComPeung in Thailand for further development and creation of meditative material. The meditations are presented in the format of a workshop that are given in collaboration with Teater Martin Mutter ”Festival Going Solo Together”, Weld – plattform for experimental art, Dansplats Skog and Köttinspektionen.

Workshop 2021
DansPlats Skog Gävleborg
Weld Stockholm
Köttinspektionen Uppsala


Ellinor Ljungkvist is a freelance choreographer, dancer and teacher within contemporary dance, performance art and choreography. She is running her own choreographic organisation named Gala Dance Bergslagen in which she produce dance pieces, publications and gives workshops and art talks. Ellinor is educated at Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance, Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin and Master in choreography at Stockholms University of the Arts. Her artistic work is based on real events and often from a female perspective. Though the pieces bring up important topics they are very funny and entertaining because of its entertaining storytelling style.