Open call residency


Residency for dance artists Köttinspektionen

Uppsala / June 2020

Since 2016 Köttinspektionen Dans has presented a variety of choreographic practices, performances and interventions that experiment, in different ways, with dance and choreography as an art form, and as politics and relations. During one month, June 1 – June 30 2020, we offer a residency to a dancer or choreographer, individual or group, to work at Köttinspektionen, and share their work in a public presentation or performance towards the end of the period.

After receiving a large number of applications, a decision was made 28th of February to invite Karina Sarkissova and Natália Rebelo to Köttinspektionen in June 2020. They will continue the collaborative work with the theme of horror from the angle of a teenage girl. More about this project and residency will be published soon.

The selection procedure this year favored a work that are in an experimental phase, that introduce a new acquaintance to Köttinspektionen, and that suites the practical conditions of the premises.



The residency includes

  • access to rehearsal and performance spaces
  • use of technical equipment, marketing, audience hosts
  • one day with a stage technician
  • accomondation (flat in Uppsala)
  • a performance fee/production support of SEK 20,000 (excl. VAT)
  • travel allowance up to SEK 3000

Köttinspektionen has a performance space with basic technical resources, such as a few theatre lights and a sound system. The room is equipped with dance floor and audience seating. Dance mats can be installed on request. There is no house technician.