JUCK Residency

Wednesday 10th of October, 15.00-15.30

Open rehearsal



The performance group JUCK have residency in October 2018, and work with their next projekt “Lilith”.

10th of October there will be an open rehearsal, when the group work with the choreographer Eliisa Erävalo.


About JUCK

JUCK is a separate, live practice. With a physical external and inner approach to society’s social power structures.

JUCK challenges the traditional conventions of the stage and the relationship between performer and audience. The center of exploration is the idea of femininity and gender.

JUCK works based on contemporary social debates about gender, sexuality, femininity, ethnicity and norm creativity in an interactive artistic format. With their roots within urban dance, they explore performance and move freely between different influences.

JUCK is Tarika Wahlberg, Feyona Naluzzi, Shirley Harthey Ubilla, Cajsa Godée, Madeleine Ngoma and Emelie Enlund.



Mariana Suikkanen Gomes – The Tender Protest Series

19 October 2018, 20.00

Free admission, but limited amount of seats. Booking is recommended.

Book your place through sending your name and number of tickets to info@kottinspektionen-dans.se


Mariana Suikkanen Gomes – The Tender Protest Series

Mariana Suikkanen Gomes is an artist and performance-maker dedicated to practices and rituals that locate themselves in the intersection between personal encounters, collective activities and performative presentations. In The Tender Protest Series she explores the realms of memory, intimacy, tenderness and vulnerability interlacing research on liveness, the emancipated actor and audience as witness/participant with artistic activism in the fields of radical softness and body acceptance.

The Tender Protest Series is supported by Köttinspektionen Dans and Weld.

Mariana holds a BA (Hons) in LIVE ARTS from Kingston University and an MA, The Autonomous Actor, from Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts. She is involved in various loving collaborations, most intensively as one third of the collective GLQ/GomesLechQuigley. As a performer she has worked with, among others, Sidney Leoni, Lundahl & Seitl, Marina Abramovic and Lynsey Peisinger.

Köttinspektionen Dance


Köttinspektionen Dans is led by a wish to facilitate processes and relations that contribute to artistic development and spontaneity. There is a lack of platforms and support for artistic research and processes without a finished/fixated product as an outcome. We want Köttinspektionen, as a space, to allow artistic practices to meet, develop and get challenged and therefore mainly invite artists with a process based practice, and works that can develop on site.

The programme this consists of guest performances, the Performance Art festival “Revolve”, and residencies with public presentations.

Our guest performances offer the audience of Uppsala contemporary dance that playfully and courageously treats its audience as an irreplaceable part of the performance and an equal partner in discussion, and that challenges its own medium in order to formulate existential and political questions rather than presenting answers. The artists are invited to present their artistic practice in a format that feels relevant to them. We do not “book” a finished production, but rather invite the artist. In this way we want to enable the untested or crashed, but also that which needs to reappear or be repeated.


Köttinspektionen offers hearing loop, contact us before your visit. The premises are largely accessible for wheelchair and permobile use, as they are located on the ground floor. Unfortunately the space is lacking accessible toilets. We are working on getting permission to build one.

All of the programme is free of charge. Welcome!


Köttinspektionen Dans is a performance venue and place for experimental dance and choreography in Uppsala, led by choreographers Tove Salmgren and Kajsa Wadhia. Köttinspektionen is an artist-run cultural centre located near the centre of Uppsala, and co-directed with the art collective HAKA and Teater C.

The whole program see kottinspektionen.org

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Kajsa Wadhia works in the fields of performance, text and choreography and holds an MA in New Performative Practices from DOCH, Stockholm. She places her artistic practice in the context of an over productive and accelerating society, and responds by turning exhaustion into resistance and anti-climax into fulfillment. Together with Maria Stiernborg, she forms the performance duo The Disengaged Free Jazz Orchestra, investigating anti-relational aesthetics, slowness, disorganisation and laziness as artistic tools and political resistance. Previously she co-directed and worked with performing arts collective Arena Baubo. She is co-directing Köttinspektionen Dans in Uppsala with Tove Salmgren.

Tove Salmgren works in the field of the performing arts as an educator, dancer, choreographer and curator and has an MA from New Performing Practices at DOCH, Stockholm. She is currently engaged as a Lecturer in New Performative Practices at DOCH. Her artistic collaborations often takes on a curatorial body, for example in the collaboration with The Blob/Anna Efraimsson, We happen things/Manon Santkin and Moa Franzén and together with Kajsa Wadhia, she leads Köttinspektionen Dans, a platform for experimental dance and choreography in Uppsala.