double solo mirror residency 2020

the double solo mirror residency #2 Aitana Cordero (ESP/NL) Photo: Chaja Hertog

Chain invitations // double solo mirror 2020

We continue with the series the double solo mirror residency during 2020. This time we have asked the previous guests Aitana Cordero (ESP/NL) and Sonya Lindfors (FIN) to recommend choreographers and dancers to invite for this year’s edition of this residency.

As initiators of this project we, Kajsa Wadhia and Tove Salmgren, will also participate in this residency series. Due to Covid-19, our artistic exchange will take place digitally from our homes in May. The public showing of our residency will not happen at Köttinspektionen, but the exchange will be part of a publication that is being created in parallel with this two-year project. We plan to release the publication during spring 2021.

Paz Rojo (ESP) and Esete Sutinen (FIN) are invited to have residencies in November, and they will each invite a guest to  their residency.

The public events will happen in the end of each residency. More information about each event will be uploaded closer to these events in November 2020.


the double solo mirror residency

the double solo mirror residency has been developed following a desire to create spaces with structured support for open ended processes without conditioning the artistic outcome. It is a curatorial concept facilitating new formats for artistic exchange and reflection in relation to choreographic solo practices. The project takes place as a series of double residencies where one invited solo artist is asked to invite another solo artist to join the residency. 

The residency is centered around what ”Performative Feedback” could be, with the specific question ”How can two solo practices reflect each other through performance rather than talking, as a way to feedback?” The residency allows for an experimental atmosphere and process that brings value to the work of reflexion itself, rather than the result. The period ends with a public sharing of the process with the two artists, followed by a discussion.

For the 2019 double solo residencies, the artists Jamila Johnson-Small/Last Yearz Interesting Negro (GB), Rowdy Superstar (GB), Sonja Jokiniemi (FIN), Aitana Cordero (ESP/NL), Rani Nair (SWE) and Sonya Lindfors (FIN) was invited.

The serie, which takes place during a two year period (2019-2020), is structured through chain invitations, a way to broaden our network and to give the invited artists a possibility to meet other artists and practices they have been curious about and would like to get to know closer.

Revolve fiction May 8-9 CANCELLED

Consul und Meshie. A project by Antonia Baehr and Latifa Laâbissi In an installation by Nadia Lauro. Berlin. Photo: Anja Weber

Revolve fiction May 8-9, 2020 (cancelled)

The global health situation caused by Covid-19 means this year’s Revolve Performance Art Days has to be cancelled. The festival was due to take place 8-9 of May and include 12 internationally acclaimed artists from six countries. The festival is organised by Uppsala Art Museum, Köttinspektionen dans, Uppsala City Theatre and Uppsala Konsert & Kongress 

We are extremely sad to announce that we will not be able to go through with the festival this year. Our aim is to work towards presenting as much as possible of this year’s programme in May 2021 instead. 

We, Köttinspektionen dans, are in dialogue with Antonia Baehr and Latifa Laâbissi about presenting their piece Consul and Meshie next year.

All purchased tickets can be rebooked or refunded.

Revolve fiction

The fifth edition of Revolve Performance Art Days focuses on artistic practices that are based on or related to the fictional, the constructed and the mythical.

Historically Performance Art is deeply connected with the authentic. Revolve fiction aims to unpack and interlay these two significant concepts. Art as fictional “object” intervenes in the world, but is also part of it. Fiction is fused with the concrete. In fantastic and constructed situations, Performance Art constantly brings attention to presence, the here and now and the lived body. The actual body meets the fabulating body; in a landscape of what has been and what could become.  

This year’s festival presents international and national artists who use fiction, with different methods and from different horizons, as a tool to critically illuminate our complex world, full of everything that exists and does not exist.

Read about the festival program here (in Swedish right now, English will be uploaded soon)


Ivo Dimchev (BG)

Antonia Baehr (DE) 

Latifa Laâbissi (FR) 

Nadia Lauro (FR)

Shakuntala Kulkarni (IN)

Arundhati Chattopadhyaya (IN)

Rani Nair (SE)

Kelly Jayne Jones (GB)

Kimatica Studio (GB)

Lundahl & Seitl (SE)


Curators: Rebecka Wigh Abrahamsson, Uppsala konstmuseum, Kajsa Wadhia och Tove Salmgren, Köttinspektionen dans, Erik Gavelin, Uppsala stadsteater, Hanna Olsson Lanneberg, Daniel Sallmander, Sara Högsten, UKK

Revolve Performance Art Days is an annual festival that started in 2016. Collaboration partners this year: Uppsala Art Museum, Köttinspektionen dans, Uppsala Konsert & Kongress and Uppsala City Theatre.

The festival is made possible and generously supported by the Uppsala Municipality Cultural Committee, Goethe-Institut Schweden, The cultural department of Uppsala Region.

Open call residency


Residency for dance artists Köttinspektionen

Uppsala / June 2020

Since 2016 Köttinspektionen Dans has presented a variety of choreographic practices, performances and interventions that experiment, in different ways, with dance and choreography as an art form, and as politics and relations. During one month, June 1 – June 30 2020, we offer a residency to a dancer or choreographer, individual or group, to work at Köttinspektionen, and share their work in a public presentation or performance towards the end of the period.

After receiving a large number of applications, a decision was made 28th of February to invite Karina Sarkissova and Natália Rebelo to Köttinspektionen in June 2020. They will continue the collaborative work with the theme of horror from the angle of a teenage girl. More about this project and residency will be published soon.

The selection procedure this year favored a work that are in an experimental phase, that introduce a new acquaintance to Köttinspektionen, and that suites the practical conditions of the premises.



The residency includes

  • access to rehearsal and performance spaces
  • use of technical equipment, marketing, audience hosts
  • one day with a stage technician
  • accomondation (flat in Uppsala)
  • a performance fee/production support of SEK 20,000 (excl. VAT)
  • travel allowance up to SEK 3000

Köttinspektionen has a performance space with basic technical resources, such as a few theatre lights and a sound system. The room is equipped with dance floor and audience seating. Dance mats can be installed on request. There is no house technician.


Köttinspektionen Dance


Köttinspektionen Dans is led by a wish to facilitate processes and relations that contribute to artistic development and spontaneity. There is a lack of platforms and support for artistic research and processes without a finished/fixated product as an outcome. We want Köttinspektionen, as a space, to allow artistic practices to meet, develop and get challenged and therefore mainly invite artists with a process based practice, and works that can develop on site.

This year’s programme includes the curatorial residency series: double solo mirror, other residencies with public presentations and two open calls. Due to the global health situation caused by Covid-19, this year’s Revolve Performance Art Days is cancelled. The festival was due to take place 8-9 of May and include 12 internationally acclaimed artists from six countries. Our aim is to work towards presenting as much as possible of this year’s programme in May 2021 instead.



Köttinspektionen offers hearing loop, contact us before your visit. The premises are largely accessible for wheelchair and permobile use, as they are located on the ground floor. Unfortunately the space is lacking accessible toilets. We are working on getting permission to build one.

All of the programme is free of charge. Welcome!

Köttinspektionen Dans is a performance venue and place for experimental dance and choreography in Uppsala, led by choreographers Tove Salmgren and Kajsa Wadhia. Köttinspektionen is an artist-run cultural centre located near the centre of Uppsala, and co-directed with the art collective HAKA and the theatre groups Östfronten and Uppsalas fria teater.

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Kajsa Wadhia works in the fields of performance, text and choreography and holds an MA in New Performative Practices from DOCH, Stockholm. She places her artistic practice in the context of an over productive and accelerating society, and responds by turning exhaustion into resistance and anti-climax into fulfillment. Together with Maria Stiernborg, she forms the performance duo The Disengaged Free Jazz Orchestra, investigating anti-relational aesthetics, slowness, disorganisation and laziness as artistic tools and political resistance. Previously she co-directed and worked with performing arts collective Arena Baubo. She is co-directing Köttinspektionen Dans in Uppsala with Tove Salmgren.

Tove Salmgren works in the field of the performing arts as an educator, dancer, choreographer and curator and has an MA from New Performing Practices at DOCH, Stockholm. As choreographer, she experiments with her ongoing love affair with absurd moments, pretentious structures, emancipatory gestures, naivety and structured play and/or other choreographic means for art and life.  Her artistic collaborations often takes on a curatorial body, for example in the collaboration with The Blob/Anna Efraimsson, We happen things/Manon Santkin and Moa Franzén and together with Kajsa Wadhia, she leads Köttinspektionen Dans, a platform for experimental dance and choreography in Uppsala. At DOCH (School of Dance and Circus, part of Stockholm University of the Arts), she works part time as a Lecturer in Performative Practices.