Residency / The Disengaged Free Jazz Orchestra and Anna Kinbom

Programme Wednesday 20 March

17.30-19.00 Drop-in play tank: Spekulativa juntan

19.00 Rue Madame by Anna Kinbom

19.15 Residency showing by The Disengaged Free Jazz Orchestra

Free admission, no booking required


The performance duo The Disengaged Free Jazz Orchestra has a residency at Köttinspektionen 5-20 March to start up the work with Spells & Compost, a project that looks into spells, speculative futurism and material ecocritisism. Wednesday 20th of March they host a residency showing, together with the artist Anna Kinbom, who presents her video work Rue Madame, and is part of the collective artproject Spekulativa Juntan which they start up at Köttinspektionen the same evening.

17.30-19.00 Drop-in play tank: Spekulativa juntan

With the artist run initiative Spekulativa juntan the artists Anna Kinbom, Maria Stiernborg and Kajsa Wadhia are welcoming you to participate in a conversation based artwork that playfully combines a sewing circle with reading aloud together on the theme of speculative feminism. This time we will read from “The New Atlantis” by Ursula K. Le Guin. Everyone is welcome to join, no preparation or prior knowledge is required. Coffee, tea and some snacks will be served. It is fine to drop in whenever you want during the event, ring the doorbell and we will let you in.

19.00 Rue Madame by Anna Kinbom

Rue Madame is a new video work that Anna Kinbom has filmed in Paris together with her mother. It is a humorous piece about roots and disassociation, histories and memory. Where do we come from and what do we choose to remember and tell about our history, what is left out?

19.15 Residency showing

Using the garbage room as their prop storage, The Disengaged Free Jazz Orchestra experiment with homemade lo-fi instruments, live mixed video and our own untrained voices in a chaos poetic residency showing together with the multifauna that inhabit and share our lives and bodies.


The Disengaged Free Jazz Orchestra, Maria Stiernborg and Kajsa Wadhia, has since 2013 investigated precarious working conditions, neoliberal capitalism and the artist as worker in different artistic experiments and with different areas of research. With backgrounds in choreography and scenography and visual arts we have developed an artistic expression combining strong visual and choreographic elements with a playful and experimental use of language, voice and text. Our artistic practice uses friction, dissonance and humour to question the current construction of society. Since 2013 we have presented work at venues that include Kiasma, Helsingfors, Stockholm Music & Arts, Marabouparken and Studio 17, Stavanger. Previously Stiernborg and Wadhia worked together as artistic directors of the performing arts collective Arena Baubo (2007 – 2013).


Anna Kinbom holds a MFA from the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm (2013) and has studied performative art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Anna’s art practice is collaborative, she makes her pieces in the context of various artist collaborations she is a part of, as The Uncertainty Principle, The Drinking Brothers, 0s + 1s Collective, Hagsätra Collective, The Speculative Junta and Performance Center. Anna sees the performance situation as a temporary collaboration between her as a performer and the audience. Anna makes text-based performances, micro-stories, pop songs and works with various alter egos. She uses the art context as a stage for her anti-performances, which show reluctance in methods of entertainment. Writing is the motor of her work – supported by the awkward body. Anna has shown works at Moderna museet, Marabouparken konsthall, Göteborgs konsthall och Casa Victor Hugo i Havanna.

the double solo mirror practice / Last Yearz Interesting Negro and Rowdy SS

Friday 29th of March

19.00 – approximately 22.00

BASICTENSION  by Last Yearz Interesting Negro / Jamila Johnson-Small


After talk with the artists about their work and the residency

Free admission, no booking required

"Balance" by Rowdy SS Photo: Akya Lux

the double solo mirror practice has been developed following a desire to create spaces with structured support for open ended processes without conditioning the artistic outcome.

It is a curatorial concept, as well as a toolbox, facilitating new formats for artistic exchange and reflection in relation to choreographic solo practices. The project takes place as a series of double residencies where one invited solo artist is asked to invite another solo artist to join the residency.

The residency is focussed on working with the toolbox, a set of instructions proposing ways in which to share, contaminate, reflect, surprise or challenge each others practices. A process allowing for an experimental environment that might not lead up to anything ”successful” in a conventional sense, but brings value to the work of reflexion itself.

The period ends with public performances of both artists solos followed by a discussion about the process. 

For 2019 we have invited the artists Rani Nair, Jamila Johnson-Small/Last Yearz Interesting Negro and Sonja Jokiniemi.

This is our first event in a series of three, and presents the work of the artists Last Yearz Interesting Negro and Rowdy SS from London.

“BasicTension” by Last Yearz Interesting Negro
Photo: Christa Holka

BASICTENSION  by Last Yearz Interesting Negro

Dances between control and abandon, a meditation on, and exit from, the cannon of ‘contemporary’ dance in an age of collapse, a search for refuge in a climate of total exposure.

Working with fragments of commissioned music and shattered injunctions for movement gathered from disparate observers, and set within ruins and blackness, the work embodies deep pessimism about existence in the current order whilst also searching for a way through and out.

“I started this project wanting to make meditation tapes to calm my rampant alienation and to slow my racing thoughts but what does calm look like when you embody countless contradictions, conflicts and traumas and language can’t stretch to hold you and it was never your language anyway and you look out at the city and it is like your beating heart, complicated, congested and broken. Some things need to break and I don’t want space or distance but to assume my hybrid form right here. I want to break this space open. I want to be broken open, like Leeloo in The Fifth Element.“



A solo dance/sound/visual improvisation, an on going work in research of uses of space; How are we using space? How is space using us?

Balance is Rowdy SS initiating live happenings, performance and installations as interjections to tour, entangle and/or simplify how we are using and have used spaces, the ‘things’ that do and do not exist in said spaces, the other ways, new, ways we can use ourselves, technologies and our physicality to communicate, in and outside of these/those spaces.

“The intention behind these happenings; use expected and unexpected spaces for sharing, exploring and furthering conversations that give life to new and old concepts, processes, traditions and techniques. Doing more with the constant dualities, healing, distruction, connections/disconnections, the ways of ‘being’ in and during the performance and allowing for the unearthing of the somewhat conditioned approaches to sharing/expressing ourselves to each other and with one another…”


Last Yearz Interesting Negro is the performance project of London based artist and dancer, Jamila Johnson-Small. Regular collaborators include Phoebe Collings-James, Alexandrina Hemsley (Project O), Fernanda Munoz-Newsome and Shelley Parker. 

Last Yearz Interesting Negro makes shows, choreographies that are stage/dreamspace/battleground, atmospheric landscapes created through the live unfolding of the tensions between things that produce meaning. Compositions of small dances, sculpture, electronic music, poems, video, texture and a public. The work is always a kind of world building that deals in intensities and harnesses these forces to open up or to close spaces, to understand, expose, complicate or sidestep covert structures that seek to organise our bodies and our living. Their relational, cumulative and often collaborative practice gathers and transmits information through working in various constellations under different names, with different artists and in different roles to build spaces for dancing, performance, listening and conversation, spaces that might hold the complex, multiple and contradictory, spaces that consider movement and transformation as inevitable. All of their work is informed by their dance practice that acts as a tool for divination, decoding messages from an oracular body that are read on personal/structural/symptomatic/somatic levels. Always thinking about the metabolic – impact and exchange through/in/as movement.

Rowdy SS is a London born and based artist. Often working at the intersection of sound/music, dance/movement and live performance alongside making videos; arriving at works that have delved into love, explored the societal implications of being, first a black boy then man and mined life to share the vision of said life. Current works includes sound/music compositions, video, dance and movement as tools for performance to create other spaces, dream/meditative states, exploring repetition and surprise movement, and counter movement. variations of a theme, motifs. moments of definition defined by the previous, reliant or relating to predecession and that, which follows. Rowdy was previously a member of Atari Teenage Riot, a Berlin based noise band and has worked closely with numerous artists and makers such as legendary dub creator Lee Scratch Perry, Ron Arad, musicians Eska, Zero 7, Matthew Herbert, acid house pioneer Adamski and has put on successful club nights ‘SOAP’ a no photos allowed subversive bass heavy alt trap/post-grime night space and ‘SONIC’ a club night space of inter-active sound/performance art and DJin at VFD, London. Current collaborations include works with dancer/choreographer/artist Jamila Johnson-Small (48hours, Fury1), sound compositions/performances for artist Rebecca Bellantoni (Spiral, DHQ Niquita) and a performance work with Alex Mirutiziu.



Revolve closer

Revolve closer

3rd and 4th of May at Uppsala Art Museum

Free admission, pre-booking is recommended in some of the performances

Programme here


Revolve closer,  May 3rd – 4th 2019

Revolve closer is an invitation to encounter performance art close up. The festival presents artists and artistic processes that negotiate in different ways, their immediate surroundings, where materials like memories, movements, clay or fluids, are being investigated in relation to the subject, and where personal histories together make up the collective. Questions are raised about intimacy and its relation to the political, acknowledging our private bodies as part of larger collective bodies. Where does my own body end and society start? Where do they intertwine? In addition, each artist is invited to “zoom-in” on one aspect of their work in an artist talk or conversation, an opportunity both for the audience and the artists to get closer to the artistic processes and ideas behind the works.

All of the programme takes place at Uppsala Art Museum and is curated by Köttinspektionen Dans and Uppsala Art Museum. Curators: Rebecka Wigh Abrahamsson, Uppsala Art Museum, Kajsa Wadhia och Tove Salmgren, Köttinspektionen Dans.

Artists: Gregory Hari (CH), Moa Franzén (SE), Sara Gebran (VE/DK), Éva Mag (SE/RO), Mira Mutka (SE), Deva Schubert (DE), Andros Zins-Browne (US).

Curatorer: Rebecka Wigh Abrahamsson, Uppsala Art Museum, Kajsa Wadhia och Tove Salmgren, Köttinspektionen Dans.

Revolve Performance Art Days is an annual festival that started in 2016. The festival takes on different formats from year to year according to curatorial ideas and participating collaborators. The network of collaborators includes: Uppsala Art Museum, Köttinspektionen Dans, Uppsala Konsert & Kongress, Uppsala City Theatre and Gustaf Broms.

The festival is organized in collaboration with the Region County of Uppsala, The Cultural Department/the Art Advisor, Sensus and is supported by Uppsala municipality’s cultural committee.



Residency Ellen Söderhult with others

Friday 10th of May 20.00-21.00

Choreography- and concert experiment / Ellen Söderhult with others

Free admission, no booking required


Choreography- and concert experiment

Ellen Söderhult, Daniel Iinatti, Iki Gonzalez Magnusson, Sepideh Khodarahmi, Lisa Schåman and Emelie ”Empo” Enlund will host a delving into a format that partly camouflages itself into a DJ-set, a sturdy cluster of voices and a slowly melting dance concert. An exploration of how different formats and expressions can support each other and induce frictions between sounds and dances in a forest of colliding textures, rushes of emotions and tonalities.


Ellen Söderhult is based in Stockholm and works with dance and choreography. In her most recent piece SHANE ET AL., she works with camouflage and the choir as a collective protagonist and camouflage together with scenographer Tove Dreiman, composer Anna Haglund and the singing and dancing choir Lisen Pousette, Oda Brekke, Lisa Schåman, Cathryn Humpreys, Elinor Trollerz Bratteby, Hanna Strandberg, Andreas Haglund and Lydia Östberg Diakité. Earlier works and collaborations include HOW TO DO THINGS WITH ROMANCE, a punkballet for 16 dancers and two drummers, the piece RUDY that engages with dance as a collective and a-personal art form as well as OTHERBODIES, INNANFÖR GRIDARNA, THIS CONTAINER, OTHERBODIES and THIS IS GRAND. As a dancer she has worked with choreographers such as Sindri Runudde, Rasmus Ölme, Anna Efraimsson och Sandra Medina.  In 2015 she initiated the project Nobody’s Business together with Eleanor Bauer and Alice Chauchat, a copyleft platform for distribution, exchange and documentation of practical knowledge within primarily contemporary dance.

Residencies 2019


During 2019 we offer residencies to a number of choreographers in the venue. In the end of each residency the doors will open up for the public to meet the ongoing work, which might happen through a performance, a conversation or an open rehearsal, depending on the artist desire and status of the work.

This year the choreographers Gry Tingskog, Mikko Niemistö and Ellen Söderhult will have residencies, and the Performance-duo The Disengaged free Jazz Orchestra.

Köttinspektionen Dance


Köttinspektionen Dans is led by a wish to facilitate processes and relations that contribute to artistic development and spontaneity. There is a lack of platforms and support for artistic research and processes without a finished/fixated product as an outcome. We want Köttinspektionen, as a space, to allow artistic practices to meet, develop and get challenged and therefore mainly invite artists with a process based practice, and works that can develop on site.

The program this year consists of a new curatorial serie called double solo mirror practice, the performance festival Revolve, and residencies with public presentations.



Köttinspektionen offers hearing loop, contact us before your visit. The premises are largely accessible for wheelchair and permobile use, as they are located on the ground floor. Unfortunately the space is lacking accessible toilets. We are working on getting permission to build one.

All of the programme is free of charge. Welcome!

Köttinspektionen Dans is a performance venue and place for experimental dance and choreography in Uppsala, led by choreographers Tove Salmgren and Kajsa Wadhia. Köttinspektionen is an artist-run cultural centre located near the centre of Uppsala, and co-directed with the art collective HAKA and the theatre groups Östfronten and Uppsalas fria teater.

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Kajsa Wadhia works in the fields of performance, text and choreography and holds an MA in New Performative Practices from DOCH, Stockholm. She places her artistic practice in the context of an over productive and accelerating society, and responds by turning exhaustion into resistance and anti-climax into fulfillment. Together with Maria Stiernborg, she forms the performance duo The Disengaged Free Jazz Orchestra, investigating anti-relational aesthetics, slowness, disorganisation and laziness as artistic tools and political resistance. Previously she co-directed and worked with performing arts collective Arena Baubo. She is co-directing Köttinspektionen Dans in Uppsala with Tove Salmgren.

Tove Salmgren works in the field of the performing arts as an educator, dancer, choreographer and curator and has an MA from New Performing Practices at DOCH, Stockholm. She is currently engaged as a Lecturer in New Performative Practices at DOCH. Her artistic collaborations often takes on a curatorial body, for example in the collaboration with The Blob/Anna Efraimsson, We happen things/Manon Santkin and Moa Franzén and together with Kajsa Wadhia, she leads Köttinspektionen Dans, a platform for experimental dance and choreography in Uppsala.