Oct 4th, Residency sharing: “When dancing was done with the lungs”

Monday 4th of October 18.00

Residency sharing: “When dancing was done with the lungs”

With and by Moa Franzén, Kajsa Wadhia and Tove Salmgren

Free admission, but pre-booking is mandatory

Book a place through sending an email to:  info@kottinspektionen-dans.se

Foto: José Figueroa

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When dancing was done with the lungs

When dancing was done with the lungs is a choreography that explores the body’s movements in relation to the voice, where vocal expressions become physical, become dance. Based on breathing as a choreographing method, we move through vocal expressions crossing the social and ideological boundaries of what has been labeled animalistic, hysterical and barbaric. What kind of body appears in the borderland of the human voice? What ethics and affect arise from seeing, listening, interpreting and being close to this body?

When dancing was done with the lungs is a sequel to the trio’s sound choreography From a throat of flesh (2018), and will premiere at Weld, Stockholm, in the Autumn 2021 (26-28 November).

Moa Franzén (SE) is an artist, writer and choreographer based in Stockholm. Her practice also includes the roles of editor, dramaturge, pedagogue and curator. Franzén holds a MFA in Choreography from New Performative Practices at the Stockholm University of Arts, and has a background as a visual artist. Franzéns practice encircles choreography and writing as interrelated practices, with a special interest in voice as choreographic material and expression. She works mainly with performance and text work, in the intersection between art, choreography and literature.

Kajsa Wadhia (SE) works as an artist, curator and teacher in the fields of performance and choreography and holds an MA in New Performative Practices from Stockholm University of the Arts, 2015. Between 2007-2014 she founded, and co-directed the long term feminist performing arts collective Arena Baubo. Her current areas of artistic investigation include speculative feminism, spells, sci-fi and material ecocriticism. Together with Maria Stiernborg she makes up the performance duo ”The Disengaged Free Jazz Orchestra” whose work “Spells & Compost” (2019) will be presented at Köttinspektionen, Uppsala and Gislaveds Konsthall this year.

Tove Salmgren (SE) works as a dancer, choreographer, curator and educator. She has an MA in choreography from Stockholm University of the Arts, and since 2016 she curates together with the artist Kajsa Wadhia, Köttinspektionen Dans, an artist-driven platform and place for experimental dance and choreography in Uppsala. Tove has in recent decades worked as a freelance dancer in a number of choreographic works nationally and internationally, and since 2017 she is employed as a Lecturer in Performative Practice at SKH, Stockholm. As a choreographer, she explores shifted perspectives and reality, often through small and relatively unpretentious means, based on the interest in negotiating what art (and non-art) can do and be.