Residencies 2016

Three residencies took place within the program of Köttinspektionen Dans 2016:


“Bodybuilding – Dockteatern” – Sandra Lolax, Stina Nyberg and Rosalind Goldberg

Sandra, Rosalind and Stina about the project:

We want to make a choreography that builds a fiction about the body and its value system. Therefore, we are interested in making a work that are being “danced” by non human bodies i.e. things. We want to use other bodies than our own to talk about functions and ideals, sickness and health. Bodies that have not yet been divided into these categories. We imagine that the work could become a kind of “choreographic puppetry”.

This project currently goes under the title “Immunsystemet”, and our aim is to present this work at Köttinspektionen next year, within the programme of Köttinspektionen Dans 2017, called “Circles 2017”.


“Rudy”, “How to do things with romance” – Ellen Söderhult

RUDY has many authors. It takes on dance / it engages in dance as a social, collective and potentially abstract artform. It is a tribute to empathy.

HOW TO DO THINGS WITH ROMANCE. With a spectrum of feelings such as tenderness, passion, devotion, affinity, empathy, affection and willingness to sacrifice romance is a favorite theme in many art forms. Romance can be intensified, dense experiencing but is also a socio-cultural construction. HOW TO DO THINGS WITH ROMANCE is the working title for a project that aims to investigate romance out of a cultural historical perspective with a focus on romantically dense material from Hollywood’s film history, lyrics from pop songs, fan-fiction and TV-series. Alienated, thrown out of their contexts and organized according to different orders the project wants to appropriate the historical legacy and propose different interpretations. Out of a conviction of the performative potential of stage art, the project’s ambition is to re-write a collective, internalized history of socio-culturally constructed heterosexual, heteronormative narratives through dance and choreography’s capacity for abstraction and reorganization.

Ellen Söderhult had a residency at Köttinspektionen during the summer 2016, and worked with two separate projects. The aim is to present “How to do things with romance” within the programme of Köttinspektionen Dans 2017, called “Circles 2017”.

“The Sound” – Linda Blomqvist
Foto: Maximilian Pramatarov
Foto: Maximilian Pramatarov

SANDRA LOLAX (FI/SE) works with choreography and movement practices, alone and with others, since 2007. Her artistic workings revolve around bodily matters, with an interest of expanding her understanding of what a body could do, and what a ”good”/healthy body is. The solos And I’m ready for action (2011) and Action (2013) are examples of those interests. During 2016 Sandra performs the work The Internet by Mårten Spångberg as well as being a member of Weld company 2016. She also collaborates with Stina Nyberg and Rosalind Goldberg on the project Bodybuilding. Sandra works/previously worked as a dancer with choreographers such as Maya M. Carroll (nee Lipsker) Rebecka Stillman, Litó Walkey, Anne-Mareike Hess, Deborah Hay and Miriam Horwitz.

graduated from the MA in choreography at HZT – Inter –University Center for Dance Berlin October 2014. She is born in Norway, raised in Sweden and based in Berlin and in Stockholm where she is working within several collaborations as well as alone. She is interested in the notion of practice as a way to construct different logic systems through which bodies could function. Her latest work MIT was presented at Weld 2013. MIT has thereafter been shown at the festival Impulstanz in Vienna, during the opening of the 56th Venice Biennale within the side-track event PPP-72H and around in Europe at different venues. The piece was nominated to the price Prix Jardin d’ Europe. Rosalind has worked with, among others, Ingri Fiksdal, Anne-Mareike Hess, Deufert&Plischke and Mårten Spångberg. She is a co-founder of the organization BLINK where she curates workshops and lecture series.

STINA NYBERG (SE) comes from Örnsköldsvik and lives in Stockholm. She is educated at Balettakademien and holds an MA in choreography at DOCH. Her departure point is always a feminist approach to the body; its social and political construction and ability to move. Nyberg is the choreographer of the live concert Shaking the Habitual by the The Knife and have performed on tour in 2012-2014. Nyberg’s latest commission is a work for the Cullberg Ballet titled Tones & Bones (2014). At the moment, Nyberg is working on the performance Shapes of States, about the relationship between the healthy body and the healthy state. In conjunction to her choreographic practice Nyberg is a participant of the one year programme Critical Practice – Made in YU, a platform for writing and discursive methods within the performing arts.

ELLEN SÖDERHULT (SE) is based in Stockholm and works with dance and choreography in multiple ways. She has a BA degree in Circus from 2010 and, in June 2015, also received a BA degree in Contemporary dance, both from DOCH in Stockholm. Ellen initiates and organises her own projects and participate in others. Together with Alice Chauchat and Eleanor Bauer she is co-directing the initiative Nobody’s Business doing Nobody’s Dance (2015/2016) It is a project for local and international exchange of dances, practices and methods, inspired by open source. Ellen collaborated with with Mandi Tiukkanen on the piece THIS IS GRAND that premiered at Ateneum in Helsinki. Other projects she has initiated focus on the importance of collective, delegated and distributed making.

LINDA BLOMQVIST – (information on its way…)