Circles #1

Sunday the 9 of april

12.00-14.00 WORKSHOP: Choreographed Reading Circle with Maria Stiernborg

14.00-20.00 A whole day of performances, workshops and public presentations.

In the foyer snacks and tea/coffee will be served.

Doors open all day. Free admission.



Broderi av Maria Stiernborg | Foto: Jonas Williamsson

Köttinspektionen Dans starts up its second year at Köttinspektionen, by reusing last year’s concept, which was to let the well known and the untested meet, in the new 2017 programme called Circles. The programme is guided by a wish to facilitate processes and relations that allow for spontaneous ideas and procedures. This is the first occasion in the series.


WORKSHOP: Choreographed Reading Circle with Maria Stiernborg

We propose that reading together can be to dance together, and how we dance is structured as a workshop with a choreographer/artist every session, this time Maria Stiernborg:
We read together from Ann Cvetkovich’s book ” Depression: A Public Feeling” and ”Artist at Work” by Bojana Kunst, with the option of taking notes, using thread and needle.

Manual labor and craft is put in relation to the conditions for work and art production, while embroidery as a method of taking notes prevents efficiency and full attentiveness. Instead this reading circle offers a space that allows for friction and delays.

Everyone is welcome to join the workshop, no preparation and no advance booking is needed. It is always possible to participate as a spectator/listener/witness or as reader/dancer.


Mariana Suikkanen Gomes, Frida Klingberg and The Disengaged Free Jazz Orchestra- Kajsa Wadhia and Maria Stiernborg

Four artists with different artistic backgrounds have shared time and space at Köttinspektionen, during a two-week artistic exchange. They end their residency with a whole day of performances and public events.

The participating artists share an interest in investigating the conflicts between personal experiences and society’s established conventions and expectations, particularly in relation to productivity. They apply slowness, repetition, softness, illogic and nonsense as artistic methods.

The aim of their shared residency is to facilitate meetings between their artistic practices, without the request for a new collaborative production. Rather, time is spent being each other’s resources to playfully re-consider working methods and artistic ideas. By adopting each other’s artistic practices, strategies and intentions can be enhanced, developed, challenged or overthrown, making room for the unexpected.







Foto: Frida Klingberg

FRIDA KLINGBERG (Göteborg, 1981) is an artist based in Stockholm. Klingbergs work investigates hierarchies in structural relations. She is interested in what the thought structures are that cause different kinds of inequality. Her artistic work produces situations where ideals meet experiences, which opens up for discussion and reevaluation. Her projects are often context based and collaborative and take place in both private and public spaces. Klingberg is educated at Valand Academy and Konstfack.

Foto: Mariana Suikkanen Gomes

MARIANA SUIKKANEN GOMES is an artist and performance-maker dedicated to practices and rituals that locate themselves in the intersection between personal encounters, collective activities and performative presentations. In her current work she explores the realms of memory, intimacy, tenderness and vulnerability interlacing research on liveness, the emancipated actor and audience as witness/participant with artistic activism in the fields of radical softness and body positivity.

Mariana holds a BA (Hons) in LIVE ARTS from Kingston University and an MA, The Autonomous Actor, from Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts. She is involved in various loving collaborations, most intensively as one third of the collective GLQ/GomesLechQuigley and runs the production platform Lonely Arts Club/Workplace Sthlm as well as her own organisation BAFFLED



Foto: Kajsa Wadhia och Maria Stiernborg

KAJSA WADHIA works in the fields of performance, text and choreography and holds an MA in New Performative Practices from DOCH, Stockholm. She places her artistic practice in the context of an over productive and accelerating society, and responds by turning exhaustion into resistance and anti-climax into fulfillment. Together with Maria Stiernborg, she forms the performance duo The Disengaged Free Jazz Orchestra, investigating anti-relational aesthetics, slowness, disorganisation and laziness as artistic tools and political resistance. Previously she co-directed and worked with performing arts collective Arena Baubo. Together with Tove Salmgren, she is co-directing Köttinspektionen Dans in Uppsala, an artist run venue for contemporary dance and performance.


Applying techniques such as performance, textile and text, MARIA STIERNBORG investigates and creates resistance to flexible and precarious working conditions. From a position of retracted disengagement and dull paranoia, lines of flight are created, leading away from demands of efficiency and constant presence. In an over productive and semiocapitalist machinery her main concern is how art can be as useless as possible and how that practice can communicate with an audience.

Maria Stiernborg holds a BA degree in set and costume design from Stockholm University of the Arts and an MA degree from Konstfack, Art in the Public Realm. Since a few years she is directing the art platform Förlaget in collaboration with Ludvig Uhlbors and the performance duo The Disengaged Free Jazz Orchestra together with choreographer Kajsa Wadhia.