double solo mirror residency with Esete Sutinen, Laura Eklund Nhaga, Paz Rojo, Norberto Llopis Segarra

Nov 3-20: double solo mirror residency

 Paz Rojo (ES) and Noberto Llopis Segarra (ES)

Esete Sutinen (FI) and Laura Eklund Nhaga (FI)


Due to Covid-19, we have chosen not to have public presentations of the residencies.

Esete Sutinen. Bild: Uupi Tirronen

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During the autumn 2020 the artistis were invited to work in a “stay at home residency” from their home countries. Paz Rojo (ES) and Noberto Llopis Segarra (ES) choosed to work together in a studio in Madrid, Spain. Esete Sutinen (FI) and Laura Eklund Nhaga (FI) choosed to work together in a studio in Helsinki, Finland. Due to the pandemic, the decision was taken to not organize public presentations (which was the initial idea), and therefor the artists were asked to share some traces of their process that could be shared on this website. 

Below follows shared material and the artist’s biographies.  


Excerpts from the residency (as PDF)

Filmed material / composition of text and image

Laura Eklund Nhaga Photo: Iiris Sydänmaanlakka

ESETE SUTINEN is an Ethiopian-Finnish dance artist based in Helsinki. She holds a Master’s degree in Dance from the University of the Arts Helsinki. Sutinen has worked as a freelance dance artist nearly 20 years in the Finnish art field. She has a vast working experience ranging from contemporary dance and theatre productions to performance art and installations, as well as in music videos, chamber opera projects and commercials. She has long-term ongoing collaborations with the following Finnish choreographers: Sonya Lindfors, Petri Kekoni, Virva Talonen, Ervi Sirén  and Alpo Aaltokoski. Sutinen started her choreographic work in the stage work of Maps of Fear and Empathy in 2017. The work consists of contributions from 5 different artist and the performances took place at the Kajaani Art Museum and Routa Company’s Generator stage. In her solo work, the thematic starting points were exposing, draining, covering, inhabiting the spatial body, and the porous presence of blackness. As a choreographer she is fascinated by the articulation of corporeality, the different aspects of freedom, and the power of empathy and playfulness.

LAURA EKLUND NHAGA is a Finnish actor, spoken word artist and activist. A lot of her work deals with themes of intersectional feminism and anti-racism. She sees art as a form of activism and sees personal stories as a useful tool in understanding wider social phenomena. 



Excerpt from Paz Rojo’s and Norberto Llopis Segarra’s informal residency sharing (online and in the studio), November 20, 2020

Paz Rojo (1974, Madrid) is a choreographer, dancer and researcher. Her activity takes place at the crossroads between artistic practice, choreography and philosophy, a meeting point through which to investigate dance as a dissident and transformative practice. For more than a decade she has been questioning the possibility of cultural production beyond the framework of capitalist production of value. She is Doctor of Philosophy in Fine Arts in Performative and Media Practices with specialization in choreography by the Stockholm University of the Arts, Sweden with the artistic research thesis project entitled The decline of choreography and its movement: a body’s (path)way. A project carried out in choreographic, performative, textual, audiovisual, curatorial, discursive and experimental devices. In 2019 she publishes the book To Dance in the Age of No-Future with Circadian (non-profit publishing house, Berlin) as part of this research. More information at:

Noberto Llopis Segarra, artist working in the border between choreography, performance and philosophy. He graduated in dance and choreography at the “Institut del Teatre” (Barcelona). In 2005-2007, he took the M.A course in performing arts DasArts, at the AHK (Amsterdamse hogeschool voor de kunsten). Parallel to his artistic career he went through a theoretical education. In 2016 he finishes his Philosophy degree at UNED (Madrid), and in 2018 he graduates in an M.Phil at Complutense University (Madrid), with a final research on “the derridian concept of mimesis”. Currently he is going through a Ph.D research on “The models of the Hymen and the Anti-oedipus in Derrida and Deleuze, and their influence in the economy of aesthetics” at the UB, University of Barcelona. His artistic practise goes from the work with the body, to the use of objects and materials in order to reflect and construct spaces and temporalities. In his approach to philosophy, he aims to develop a not theorizer thinking practise about space and the signs under which space gets established. His practise has taken different forms such as: stage performances, actions, installations, conferences and texts developed in between Spain, Brussels and Holland.

Norberto Llopis Segarra


the double solo mirror residency 

the double solo mirror residency has been developed following a desire to create spaces with structured support for open ended processes without conditioning the artistic outcome. It is a curatorial concept facilitating new formats for artistic exchange and reflection in relation to choreographic solo practices. The project takes place as a series of double residencies where one invited solo artist is asked to invite another solo artist to join the residency. 

The residency is centered around what ”Performative Feedback” could be, with the specific question ”How can two solo practices reflect each other through performance rather than talking, as a way to feedback?” The residency allows for an experimental atmosphere and process that brings value to the work of reflection itself, rather than the result. The period ends with a public sharing of the process with the two artists, followed by a discussion.

Chain invitations

The series, which takes place during a two year period (2019-2020), is structured through chain invitations, a way to broaden our network and to give the invited artists a possibility to meet other artists and practices they have been curious about and would like to get to know better.

In 2019 we invited three artists that in turn invited someone they wanted to meet in a residency. The artists participating in the 2019 series were Jamila Johnson-Small/Last Yearz Interesting Negro (GB), Rowdy Superstar (GB), Sonja Jokiniemi (FIN), Aitana Cordero (ESP/NL), Rani Nair (SWE) and Sonya Lindfors (FIN). The artists that were invited by a colleague were then asked to recommend an artist to invite for this year’s edition of the residency series. This chain of invitations has led up to this autumn’s double solo mirror residencies where Esete Sutinen (FI) meets Laura Eklund-Nhaga (FI) and Paz Rojo (ES) meets Norberto Llopis (ES) in November at Köttinspektionen.

As initiators of this project, Kajsa Wadhia and Tove Salmgren, have also taken part of the residency series together, as a way to gain a deeper artistic understanding of the curatorial format and its proposal of open ended reflection and exchange. Due to Covid-19, this artistic exchange took place digitally and from our homes in May 2020 (Kajsa in residency at Art Lab Gnesta).