Caroline Byström + Lab Presentation + Release for “Material som drar”

Sunday 3rd of June 2018

14.00 – 16.00 Reading circle lab presentation by members from Köttinspektionen Dans, PO$$E, and invited guests

16.00  Release of the publication “Material som drar”

17.00 MIRAGE, a solo by and with Caroline Byström (approximately 40 min)

18.00 Residency showing Past as prologue (working title) by Caroline Byström and Minna Miettilä

Free admission


The spring season of Köttinspektionen Dans ends with four events!

Choreographer Caroline Byström has been in residency at Köttinspektionen this spring, and on the 3rd of June she will present her ongoing process with the work ”Past as prologue” (working title) and show her solo ”MIRAGE”, that premiered at Weld in Stockholm in May 2018.

LAB presentation/workshop: participants of this weeks lab share formats for meetings between reading and dance/choreography.  A collaboration between Köttinspektionen Dans, PO$$E and invited guests (Chloe Chignell, Oda Brekke, Ellen Söderhult, Maia Means, Lisa Schåman, Klara Utke Acs, Tamara Alegre, Kajsa Wadhia and Tove Salmgren). No preparation required.

Release of ”Material som drar”, presenting five artists documentations – commissioned artists responses to the choreographed reading circles programmed at Köttinspektionen in 2017. The publication compiles texts and images by the artists Marie Gavois, Sophie Erlandsson, Anna-Karin Brus, Caroline Byström and Munish Wadhia and is designed by Jonas Williamsson. Produced and initiated by Köttinspektionen Dans. Everyone present is given a copy of the publication.

Excerpt from the introduction to the publication:

Materials that pull” is a title that points to the possibility that materials have their own agency- that they can pull away and intertwine with other materials, immaterial as well as material.

…Commissioning artistic documentations is a way for us to try out the concept of documentation from a strictly subjective horizon; an artistic horizon. A way to clear the concept from the idea of the objective, the neutral, the pure. Furthermore the publication aims to problematise the singular creative person, and investigate how they are connected with their surroundings, the surrounding materials: the ideas, the relations, the bodies, the objects- that embrace us all in constant movement. Materials that pull, that grab us, find us, connect, undress and perhaps even compost us all in an eternal cycle?

MIRAGE began as an investigation of guilty pleasures where the monologue, the singular body, rather than a collective union and resolution of several bodies in a dramatical peak within feature film has been of interest for Byström. When is the body a hack into a narrative? MIRAGE is also HERstory and progresses through speculative, fragmentaric narratives and poems where the making of and insistence on reminiscences and translations over a period of time are central thematics.

Like the performances Re,or,i n ation and Haligh/A Lie by Byström, the solo MIRAGE is structured around two parts. The solo end with queen bee, and a physical reading with extracts from “The lesbian body” by Monique Wittig, a part that can be watched as well as listened to.

The Grit is in your name, Sigrid




Your skin boils of lingua tics and fragments, Sigrid


you were so f * (r) ight







under lee



a mountainlark f-l-e-e



at first there had been some really nice puns


Grünewald + Hjertén


then: tone-deaf blankness institutional overruns


Ivan + Isaac consent


her to




(Dedicated to the Swedish artist Sigrid Hjertén)




Choreography and dance: Caroline Byström

Text: Caroline Byström and Monique Wittig

Produced by: BARCO within the framework of BARCO Twin Productions

Co-Produced by: Weld and Caroline Byström

Created in residency at Weld, MARC, Vitlycke, O Espaço do Tempo (PT) and Mira artes performativas (PT)

With the support of Swedish Arts Council

Thanks to Désirée Wariaro, Minna Miettilä, Tove Salmgren, Ida Sidenvall, Skeppsholmsstudion and SITE

BARCO TWIN PRODUCTIONS is a context initiated by Dinis Machado (PT/SE) for the parallel development of the solos MIRAGE by Caroline Byström and CONSUBSTANCIATION by Dinis Machado

CAROLINE BYSTRÖM was born in Daegu, South Korea. She grew up in Örnsköldsvik and lives and works in Stockholm as a choreographer and dancer since she graduated from the masterprogramme in choreography at Stockholm University of the Arts 2014. Herchoreographic work explores a new method in each project, which takes its expression in various forms. She often investigates that which already exists, perhaps as a background, in search for parallel narratives. And her work moves between sound, text and body. Caroline is educated in dance and choreography in Copenhagen, Salzburg, Gießen and Stockholm.

Since 2014, Caroline has been part of Weld company and there performed in works by Julian Weber, Litó Walkey, Georgia Vardarau, Matthias Sperling, Alice Chauchat, Margaretha Åsberg and Rebecka Stillman.