Sylvias: the eternal huntresses / Ellen Söderhult

Saturday 11th of May – Premiere (time to be announced)

Sylvias: the eternal huntresses

By: Ellen Söderhult

Sound: Daniel Iinatti

Free admission, no booking required


Sylvias: the eternal huntresses

Sylvias: the eternal huntresses is a rough, semi-abstract ballet for a tennis court. Through an elegantly swoshy and sturdy choreography to dinosour- and stone-sounds, the dance wants to hold a space for eruptions of emotions and sensations, while sounds from inside of the body will support the dancing.

You may look for this:

A portal of singing voices marking a silent transformation.

The melody in the dance or the texture in the music.

And you might think of the dances of the ballet as wild poems or cosy ballads.

Slightly manically the dancers through the dance fight for signs of life, a.k.a sensation, with movement, music and asmr as their means. This piece is a dinosaur ballet, as in a ballet of sound effects and with an interest in hyper-mism, FLESH, size and emotional phrasing. In this dance, the Sylvias keep bumping into other purposes and commit to the small act of letting things affect them without being sure about what it will do. At some point enthusiasm and trust will hunt down the huntresses and the line between acting and being affected will be blurred. My guess is that it will get quite wild.


Ellen Söderhult is based in Stockholm and works with dance and choreography. In her most recent piece SHANE ET AL., she works with camouflage and the choir as a collective protagonist and camouflage together with scenographer Tove Dreiman, composer Anna Haglund and the singing and dancing choir Lisen Pousette, Oda Brekke, Lisa Schåman, Cathryn Humpreys, Elinor Trollerz Bratteby, Hanna Strandberg, Andreas Haglund and Lydia Östberg Diakité. Earlier works and collaborations include HOW TO DO THINGS WITH ROMANCE, a punkballet for 16 dancers and two drummers, the piece RUDY that engages with dance as a collective and a-personal art form as well as OTHERBODIES, INNANFÖR GRIDARNA, THIS CONTAINER, OTHERBODIES and THIS IS GRAND. As a dancer she has worked with choreographers such as Sindri Runudde, Rasmus Ölme, Anna Efraimsson och Sandra Medina.  In 2015 she initiated the project Nobody’s Business together with Eleanor Bauer and Alice Chauchat, a copyleft platform for distribution, exchange and documentation of practical knowledge within primarily contemporary dance.