Residency presentation “Lead us” by Lisa Janbell

Residency presentation: “Lead us”, Lisa Janbell and guests will share filmed material and talk about the artists process.

Friday 7th of  Maj, 2021, 19.00-20.00 CET (online, zoom)

To register, send an email to, and we’ll send you a meeting link


Foto: José Figeroa


Lead Us is a celebration of all the witches of the past, present and future.

A choreographic ceremony, an invitation to the sorceresses’ dance party.

A welcoming room for the audience to rest and gather strength in.

A room where prayers, collectivity, care and compassion is affirmed.

Dedicated to all the people that have passed on to the other side.

Without you, nothing!



Performers: Lisa Janbell, Bambam Frost, Bianca Traum.

Light design: Joa Palmér.

Sound technique: Lena Bergstedt

Dramaturgy: Linda Adami

Costume: Lisa Janbell

Filming and photo: José Figeroa



Lisa Janbell is a dancer and choreographer based in Stockholm, Sweden. Specialized in ritual performance and ceremonial dance practices, Lisas artistic practice insists on exploring, in various ways, our relationships to the subconscious. This desire compels her to work on practices of belonging that nurture her deep personal need for collectivity and co-existence with spirits and spirituality. Lisas work is also very inspired by all the days and nights she has spent in nightclubs and parties. Lisa Janbells choreographic work has toured and played around Sweden, Europe and Cuba. She is Educated in traditional dance practices mostly from Cuba in Bailes Folkloricos, at El Instituto Superior de Arte, Havana-Cuba.

Besides her solo projects Lisa Janbell is the other half of the performance duo Dos Oké and the artistic leader of the Swedish-Cuban dance collectivity called SOMOS