15th Sep Workshop: Future Happening

Movement workshop with Mzamo Nondlwana

Friday 15th of September

6:00 PM- 9:00 PM

The workshop will be held in English
The workshop is open to all (from 18 years old on), with or without previous dance experience.

The workshop is free of charge but pre-booking is required. Send an email to info@kottinspektionen-dans.se to book your place.


Rooted in radical queer feminist movement, this movement workshop imagines an alternative future. The aim is to tap into collective consciousness, sharing experiences of being lonely together, while
reinforcing the power of community as a form of healing through movement. It’s an interactive workshop. Future happening aims to speak to anyone who imagines a future for coming together and heal. It is a ceremonial event for our future collective.

This space is about the collective
It has been done before
What you see is real
This space is about reclaiming my body
This space is about the emancipation of those who have been forgotten
It’s about emancipation from patriarchal rule
This space is about healing

Future happening centers around embodied and/ invisible knowledge by focusing on elements of empowerment and self-expression, utopian notions and the power of imagination.

The aim of this workshop:
*notion of collective movement as a healing mechanism
*safe spaces

The workshop will consist of:
+An introduction round
+writing of love poems (We are aware that the term writing can be ableist, we will find a better term
in the workshop that caters for everyone ́s need)
+ solo and communal dance

Bring to the workshop:
Participants are invited to bring their fiercest attire, and make up (please be mindful about what outfit you will bring, as we are trying to create a safer space for healing we will not tolerate any cultural
appropriation). I would also suggest to have scent but this is optional. You can prepare a meal as an offering to yourself and the collective. This dance is to honor you and the collective.

Please note!!! We are trying to create a safer space to move as a collective. We need to acknowledge the multiplicity of the bodies participating in the workshop. We will not tolerate any racism, anti-blackness, exotification, transphobia, fat/femme phobia, ableism, trans*/inter* antagonism or any form of oppressive behavior.