Announcement Residencies 2023

Residencies 2023

Jafar The Superstar (SE)
Sepideh Khodarahmi (SE)
(May 11 – June 11, 2023)


Mzamo Nondlwana (SA/AT)
(August 21  –september 17, 2023 )

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Announcement Residencies 2023!

For our next seasons 2023 we are extremely happy and proud to announce the artists that was chosen from an open call for our new, longer residences. 

In May/June we will have the privilege to meet and work with the artists and performers Sepideh Khodarahmi and Jafar The Superstar, and in August/September the performing artist Mzamo Nondlwana in collaboration with the performer Evandro Pedroni and the musician Lens Kühleitner.

Sepideh Khodarahmi and Jafar The Superstar will be exploring their newly founded collaboration through questions related to what a choreography of the submissive might be: What is the relationship between passivity, pleasure, and empowerment? How do they superimpose the performance of femininity to suggest non-performativity? In what ways can submission hold agency, autonomy, and control? How is passivity articulated in queer contemporary contexts? What is the anatomy of the pillow princess? 

Mzamo Nondlwana will join Köttinspektionen with their movement research practice ’Turning point’, in which they will collaborate with the performer Evandro Pedroni and the musician Lens Kühleitner. The practice is an investigation into movement expression of the experience, adaptation and deep authentic connections through research of memory and imagination. A research and process reminding of the deep joy that exist in experience and expressions. 

During the residencies there will be public moments to open up the artistic process for the public. For example, at one point the artists will host a workshop, dates will be announced here and on our website. Let us know if you want to subscribe for further information about the activities:

The open call selection was made by a jury composed of Alba Folgado (independent curator and artist), Maipelo Gabang (choreographer and PHD student SKH), and with us who curates and leads the program, Tove Salmgren and Kajsa Wadhia (Köttinspektionen dans). 

More about the artists and their work will be uploaded within shortly.


Sepideh Khodarahmi (she/her, they/them) is an artist working through the medium of dance, acting, and performance art. They studied dance at Broadway Dance Center in NYC as well as a BA in Acting at Gothenburg University, Academy of Music and Drama, and a BA in Mime from Amsterdam Hogeschool voor de Kunsten. Sepideh has been exploring drag as an expression since 2016, both as a performer and teacher. Alongside their career in performance art they also studied Mathematics at the University of Stockholm. They worked with Marina Abramovic, Hooman Sharifi, and Dinis Machado to name a few. They’ve performed on internationally prestigious stages such as The Royal Theatre in Stockholm, Sophiensaele in Berlin, and Teatro Nacional D. Maria II in Lisboa. As a queer persian artist, they are occupied with topics such as eroticism, rituals, witchcraft, death, religion, queerness, and power. In their work, sensuality is a recurring element and method. They have the desire to create art that can both shake up institutions and also be enjoyed by their mother. 

Jafar The Superstar (all pronouns) is an interdisciplinary drag artist working with mixed reality performance, subversive comedy and immersive stage production through multimedia such as text, video, games, music, dance, and theater. With a BA in Gender Studies, their artistic practice has its starting point in decolonial theoretical frameworks and queer futurities, and their multifaceted drag persona satirizes capitalist ideals of self-fulfillment, celebrity worship, and economic subjugation. Jafar has performed at spaces such as Sibiu Int. Theater Festival, NKK and Reykjavik FF, and nationally at MDT, Konstakademien, and Stora Teatern, among others. Currently they are touring with the interactive dance piece “Keeping up with the Iranians’’ and are going on tour with the upcoming play “Baba Karam – through Jamileh and Khordardian’’ this summer, both of which trace and queers Iranian dance- and music history.

Mzamo Nondlwana is a queer non-binary performing artist originally from Johannesburg, South Africa. Their work focuses on marginalized bodies and an attempt to subvert colonial fantasy. In 2006 they completed their dance education at MID (South Africa) and in 2014 SEAD (Austria). They worked with Michikazu Matsume, Doris Uhlich, Magdalena Chowaniec, Needcompany and Michael Turinsky. They are also one half of a dj collective Bicha Boo which is an audio-visual performative collective since 2017.