Residency Mariana Suikkanen Gomes

Foto: Mariana Suikkanen Gomes

During a couple of weeks in July, Mariana Suikkanen Gomes has a residence at Köttinspektionen, a time when she intends to develop concepts and materials for ”The Tender Protest Series”, an ongoing work that we at Köttinspektionen have had the honor to follow earlier this year when Mariana, together with the artists Frida Klingberg and The Disengaged Free Jazz Orchestra, participated in this years first program; Circle #1: a two-week artistic exchange that was shared through a full day of performances and public events.

MARIANA SUIKKANEN GOMES is an artist and performance-maker dedicated to practices and rituals that locate themselves in the intersection between personal encounters, collective activities and performative presentations. In her current work she explores the realms of memory, intimacy, tenderness and vulnerability interlacing research on liveness, the emancipated actor and audience as witness/participant with artistic activism in the fields of radical softness and body positivity.

Mariana holds a BA (Hons) in LIVE ARTS from Kingston University and an MA, The Autonomous Actor, from Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts. She is involved in various loving collaborations, most intensively as one third of the collective GLQ/GomesLechQuigley and runs the production platform Lonely Arts Club/Workplace Sthlm as well as her own organisation BAFFLED BUT PERSISTENT.