Tove Salmgren showing

Friday 21 September at 18.00

Tove Salmgren shows her ongoing work

Free entrance


Join us when Tove Salmgren show her ongoing work on a Friday in September. It will be informal and formal.

With Paradox as a choreographic starting point the work depart from a simple principle; to escape the impulse to position and project the work by describing it in text. At a time when art often gets to be valued by its ability (or inability) to challenge contemporary social problems, the surrounding text about the work functions a status marker (as it has the ability to situate the work within a certain discourse). In this research Tove wants to investigate a new kind of studio practice (new to herself) with choreographic methods and elements, if possible free from contemporary calls to verbalize and communicate what she is doing and what she wants to achieve with it.

(As one of the leaders of Köttinspektionen Dans Tove will use Köttinspektionen for her process, in shorter sections of time when it otherwise would have been empty, in a kind of “micro residencies”).

Tove Salmgren works with performance, dance and choreography, as an initiator and collaborator in various artistic contexts and formats. She is active as a dancer, choreographer, curator and educator and has an MA in New Performative Practices from DOCH, Stockholm. At DOCH, she is regularly involved as a supervisor and project manager, and she’s assisting professor Chrysa Parkinson, leader of the MA in choreography NPP. Tove’s artistic collaborations often takes on a curatorial body, last years in collaborations with The Blob/Anna Efraimsson, We happen things/Manon Santkin and Moa Franzén, and together with Kajsa Wadhia, she leads Köttinspektionen Dans – a platform for experimental dance and choreography in Uppsala. Her own artistic practice can be described as a feminist and philosophical laboratory, with a desire to systematically highlight and challenge the relationships we have at hand when doing, or witnessing art.