The Disengaged Free Jazz Orchestra

“Hide in Plain Sight Play in Hindsight”

A performance by The Disengaged Free Jazz Orchestra

The performance work will be shown outside of Köttinspektionen and in the foyer

March 22, 23, 25

Weekdays 15 -19, Weekend 12 – 16

Free entrance



The precarious social conditions of our time demand constant availability, total flexibility and endless creativity, but do not offer any security, recovery or togetherness.

Overtaken by the discomfort of anxiety, The Disengaged Free Jazz Orchestra try to stuff the holes, control whatever possible, meditate, hide in plain sight, pack their 72-hour survival bag and make plans, plans, plans to escape.



Kajsa Wadhia (1975) works as an artist and curator in the fields of performance, text and choreography and holds an MA in New Performative Practices from DOCH, Stockholm University of the Arts, 2015. Together with Maria Stiernborg she forms the performance duo ”The Disengaged Free Jazz Orchestra” developing an experimental artistic practice dealing with neoliberal capitalism, precarious working conditions and the artist as worker. Between 2007-2014, she worked with, and co-directed the performing arts collective Arena Baubo. Since 2016 she co-directs Köttinspektionen Dans with Tove Salmgren, an artist run platform for experimental dance and performance practices.

Applying techniques such as performance, textile and text, Maria Stiernborg investigates resistance to flexible and precarious working conditions. From an anti-relational position, she looks for lines of flight leading away from demands of efficiency and constant presence. In an over productive and semiocapitalist machinery her main concern is how art can be as useless as possible and how that practice can communicate with an audience. Maria Stiernborg holds a BA degree in set and costume design from Stockholm University of the Arts and an MA degree from Konstfack, Art in the Public Realm. Since a few years she is directing the art platform Förlaget in collaboration with Ludvig Uhlbors and the performance duo The Disengaged Free Jazz Orchestra together with choreographer Kajsa Wadhia.